LIVE Streaming

Extend your event to remote viewers over the Internet as a live streamed webinar. 

We execute reliable and tailored webinars with high quality video and audio production. Video and presentation slides are synchronized, and live viewers can interact with the speakers by sending questions and attending polls, chats or twitter conversation.

Each production is planned and tailored according to event's specific requirements for number of cameras, microphones and stage technique.


Event film

Capturing the mood of an important event makes it remebered.

Event video is an engaging way to thank the attendees and promote upcoming events.

Event film can also be based on interviews of keynote speakers and attendees. The interviews can additionally be used separately in newletters and social media.



Case Study Video / Testimonial

Video testimonial is a strong tool in sales. 

A case study told by your customers in a good quality video enforces your brand value and gives creditability to your product or service.



Animated films

Animated videos are best when explaining complex processes or services.



e-learning is the solution when you want flexible, fast and effective learning with lower costs. Reporting, statistics and interactivity are the key benefits of e-learning.


Investor Relations

The particular nature of Investor Relations makes the events very special to arrange.

As a leading provider of IR webcast events in the Nordics, we can deliver a reliable and flexible service to all Investor Relations needs: LIVE Webcasts of quarterly reporting and Analyst meetings, Audiocasts, Press Releases, CEO interviews, AGM’s, Capital Markets Days.

Our cooperation with allows our customers’ events a wide reach within the right target group of investors and analysts in the Nordics.


Audiocast is the most cost effective and time efficient way of communicating the quarterly reporting and press releases. The speakers dial up to a teleconference call and present the report highlight and detailed figures. Analysts and investors can thereafter ask their questions in a coference call.

The conference call is streamed LIVE to the web with synchronized Powerpoint slides. Remote viewers can send in questions to speakers from the audiocast page. 


Internal Corporate Communications

Is your internal communications restricted by corporate IT policies and you have to use platforms like Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype for Business, GoToWebinar or Video Conferencing systems?

The challenge for most events is the quality of video and audio from using a web camera and laptop microphone.

By connecting our professional camera signal and microphones through an audio mixer to your existing communication system solves that problem. You can send good quality video and audio to you internal or customer events!


Social Media

Posting to social media is fast and easy! -right?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms allow everyone to post anything… but that also makes good quality videos to stand out.

When professional quality video production and reliable streaming are needed, call us!



Corporate Videos

Presenting your message as a video is a must for everyone - from small businesses to large organizations.

We take care of the complete project lifecycle: planning – manuscript – storyboard – production planning – casting – production – music and audio production – voiceover – post production – animations – video hosting and streaming.




Employer Branding

Recruiting is all about branding and selling your company as an employer. Communicating your business and company culture is most effective with a video.

Especially recently gratuated and students are expecting the corporations to provide information about the open positions, company values and the every day work life in a video without unnecessary business jargon - plan your videos carefully!

And remember: it doesn’t always need to be too serious!