Streamfabriken is a nordic media production company founded in 2010. We are based in Sweden and Finland with offices in Helsinki and Stockholm.

We help corporations with video based communications needs: LIVE streaming, Webinars, video productions, corporate communications, Investor Relations, Video tutorials, e-learning content, animations, case study and testimonial videos and social media video productions.

A tight cooperation with makes us one of the strongest providers of Investor Relations Video communications productions in the Nordics when measured in number of events executed.  


How we got here

The story of Streamfabriken started in 2010 when Janne Jaakkola - a long time veteran in video streaming, having begun his career within webcasting services in Finland already in 2002 at GoodMood – moved to Stockholm, Sweden and created his own webcast and streaming production company.

Over the last decade, we have been focusing on webinars and LIVE Streaming, having majority of customers within stock listed companies and pharmaceutical industry -both in Sweden and Finland.

2016 became the first official year under the name Streamfabriken. Offices in Helsinki and Stockholm went under the same brand.

In 2017 the two companies Streamfabriken AB in Sweden and Streamfabriken Oy in Finland had a total turnover of 6,2 MSEK and the number of productions reached over 650.

2018 was a year of growth -

In addition to 18% organic growth we made two business acquisitions in Finland:

Studio 105 - a high quality film studio in Helsinki became part of Streamfabriken in June 2018.
In November 2018 GoodMood was merged with Streamfabriken’s business, doubling the turnover and amount of productions.