Streamfabriken and Xoompoint to cooperate in e-Learning solutions

Streamfabriken has produced dozens of videos and screen capture tutorials for different e-learning projects for various customer organizations. The amount of e-learning content has been increasing steadily over the last years.

As a result of the strategic cooperation with Xoompoint Oy, based in Turku Finland, Streamfabriken can now provide its customers with new services: consultancy and training for content creation, planning of e-learning modules and support. Streamfabriken and Xoompoint can now offer a total project delivery containing a Learning Management System (LMS) and high-quality video-based content.

More info:

Janne Jaakkola / Streamfabriken Oy / +358 40 5300 313

Riikka Hagman / Xoompoint Oy / +358 40 503 6684


Janne Jaakkola